Betty Kernot Scratch Foursomes – Winners

Betty Kernot Scratch Foursomes – Winners

Today at 13th Beach our two finalist teams from Curlewis and Anglesea battled against the elements.



OMG how can conditions change that much in two days, Friday perfect Monday a shocker.

How did those girls feel waking up this morning, hearing the howling wind and rain overnight, knowing the importance of the match ahead of them.

My admiration for all 4 players and their intrepid caddies, not to mention the full gallery watching every stroke, enduring a harsh wind and bitter cold. Short straw drawn by ref Mandy, was a fine person to take the match, not sure she was too thrilled early on.

Such an enthralling match all day, it was a huge battle for each player in the conditions, but as usual, we come out the other end with commiserations and congratulations.

After a very close match we can congratulate Anglesea’s number 1 team of Sue Bowler and Suellen Eskrigge as 2018 Betty Kernot Scratch Foursomes winners.

For every winner we must commiserate, and Curlewis’s Jay and Julie, battled but just fell a little short of the mark, but not for want of trying.

The happiness of Sue and Suellen was evident, and well earned, hearty congrats from Women’s Golf Ops, running Golf for women in SW is a priority for our committee and seeing such happiness at the end of each tournament makes our work all the more worth while.

My absolute appreciation to 13th Beach for accepting our booking for the event. Always 13th are so accomodating and today was no exception, Billy was great, pro shop very welcoming and hospitality was supreme. I’ve worked with Kathryn many times and it’s always a delight to catch up with her, today Lauren and the chef of the day served a lovely luncheon to the official table, and we thank you sincerely.

So, all over for another year, congrats to all teams entered in 2018, great golf all through, with great galleries too.
Colac, Clifton Springs, Portarlington and finally 13th, thank you for being a part of Betty Kernot Scratch Foursomes, 2018.

Next up, apart from Scratch Pennant, is Dorothy Smith Veterans at Torquay on April 23, entries accepted now.

See you there,



Today the event travelled to Portarlington Golf Club and weren’t we treated to the last throes of Summer; the most beautiful morning which continued all day.

Portarlington – I’m probably quite biased, but the course was presented in superb condition, the players were high in their praise of the course, even though, as most courses are, we desperately need some rains to top up dams and just freshen up everything. However, I am most grateful to my club for hosting this important day.

In golf speak, today is moving day when morning players are hopeful of the gig in the afternoon. Alas not all go through. Winners in the morning were asked to grab a sandwich and saddle up again for a repeat showing in the afternoon so as we can arrive at our pairs of finalists to meet at 13th Beach on Monday morning to battle it out to claim the coveted Betty Kernot Scratch Foursomes title.

Many thanks to Port Captain Jan Cogger, not only for her assistance prior to the day but also for graciously accepting the referee job for the first afternoon match between Lonsdale 2 and reigning title holders, Curlewis 1. I had the pleasure of reffing Anglesea 1 and Queens Park 1 in the following match.

How exciting this format is, any pair can triumph and work their way through this event, which is just what happened today where the Curlewis 1 team of Jay Magee and Julie Flintoff will face off again for the second year trying to emulate their win from last year. Trying very hard to make that not happen will be the Anglesea 1 team of Sue Bowler and Suellen Eskrigge.

Judging by todays efforts by both pairs, the final on Monday is sure to be a tight affair.

Tee off is 9.16am at 13th Beach, come and see some super golf played by the two pairs that have shown a steely will and determination to compete this year.

My very best wishes go to both teams.


Betty Kernot results rounds 3 & 4 2018



Round Two Betty Kernot Scratch Foursomes At Clifton Springs

Wow, what a day – that’s not the scores although they were pretty impressive – to say it was windy was an understatement. Having blown for the previous two days, it was expected there might be some limbs and debris around, however, the staff and volunteers at Clifton Springs jumped into action and did a mighty job in making the players work so much easier, Womens Golf Ops Committee and the players are extremely grateful for that effort.

Back to the golf, and coping in the wind, which at times was a gale, correction, the whole day was a gale. And the players soldiered on, played their matches in great spirit and all matches were completed. It was a tough day though and all players should be very proud of themselves, I know I am, probably in awe more likely.

My congratulations to Clifton Springs for course presentation in the conditions, many thanks to the Pro Shop for their input also. The Pro Shop had the players buzzing with many leaving with bags full of bargains! Assistance received from Captain Kate and President Di was very much appreciated, sandwich ordering worked very well and they were welcomed by the players and spectators. The extras of coffee and tea, bikkys and fruit platter were very welcome additions, thank you.

Results, varied and close – great golf was still produced in the howling wind; wonderful to watch the players adapt. Congratulations and good luck to those teams who are going forward to Friday at Portarlington, at this stage a super autumn day is predicted.

Spectators on Friday are most welcome – come and see some great golf. See you there….


Betty Kernot Round 3 & 4 Draw 2018  Final Venue announced.

Betty Kernot Results after Round 2


Round 1 Done and Decided

Today the lovely country course of Colac played host to the opening round of the annual Betty Kernot Scratch Foursomes.

The threat of holdups owing to the roadworks between Winch and Colac meant all clubs arrived on time – before time even – early enough to relax in the wonderful atmosphere of the Colac Golf Club with a cuppa and sticky bun. Plenty of balls hit on the practice fairway and practice green too.

As the pairs slowly moved to their allotted tee time in the intriguing knockout competition, players set out on their quest to advance to Round 2 on Monday and Clifton Springs.

Alas, not all can proceed, however, the matches were played in the spirit of friendship and lots of happiness was evident as we travelled around.

Commiserations to those not joining us Monday, congratulations to those teams who will convene to do it all over again.

I’m sure Marshall Mandy was envious of the players, but I am thankful that she was available to undertake the rules side of things.

A word of thanks to Colac for the wonderful presentation of their course. Personally I am very grateful to Captain Larayne who is a delight to deal with: she was genie- like, my wish was taken care of with a minimum of fuss and I am truly grateful, thanks Larayne

The lunch was scrummy, something we have come to expect at Colac. The players were loud in their appreciation of the offering.

So……a weekend to relax, regroup, regenerate and be ready for Mondays Round 2 – see you there.


Betty Kernot results after round one 2018


Lonsdale – Heather & Bev
Barwon Valley – Bernadette & Joy, caddies

Portarlington – Angela & Jill
Queens Park – Karin & Pam



Ocean Grove – Sally & Kylie, caddie
East Geelong – Caroline & Fiona, caddies

Inverleigh – Sascha & Lesley, caddies
Torquay – Jenni & Di, caddies

Curlewis – Jay & Julie, caddies
The Sands – Jan & Kerry

Colac – Judy & Kay, caddies
Bellarine Lakes – Di & Robyn

Anglesea – Sue & Suellen, caddies
Ocean Grove – Bobby & Pam

Lonsdale – Lynne & Marg
13th Beach – Frankie & Fiona, caddie

Barwon Heads – Robin & Merran, caddie
Colac – Jan & Dot

Curlewis – Debbie & Judy, caddie
Barwon Valley – Lyn & Sue, caddies

The Sands – Dot & Sue
East Geelong – Helen & Pat

Portarlington – Angela & Jan
Queens Park – Sue & Louise

Torquay – Chris & Kathy
Apollo Bay – Vicky & Margaret

Next Friday March 16 at Colac, club pairs will gather for the opening round of the 2018 Betty Kernot Scratch foursomes.

This event began in 1971 where Miss Kernot was instrumental, not only on various SWDGA committees, but also as a very accomplished golfer. The conditions of the event were set by Miss Kernot and have stood the test of time with very few alterations. As handicap systems changed, the committees at the time adjusted the eligible handicap bracket, however, Miss Kernot’s basic conditions remain steadfast as a tried and true formula.

Womens Golf Operations are very grateful to all host courses, Colac, Clifton Springs and Portarlington for hosting the 4 rounds leading up to the exciting finish on a course to be decided. A neutral venue will be sought.

Betty Kernot Draw


“On behalf of Womens Golf Operations, I wish all teams the best of luck, good putts, good bounces, good conditions, good sportsmanship, good friendship and good results.”

Sue Hazell
Tournament Secretary

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