SWGA Betty Kernot Scatch Foursomes

SWGA Betty Kernot Scatch Foursomes

This event cannot complete at this stage and has been cancelled for now.

It is with regret that we cannot complete the final 3 rounds of Betty Kernot at this stage.

SWGA has made the decision to cancel all District events for the foreseeable future. The Women’s Golf Operations committee hope that this will only be a deferment and that we will be able to complete the Betty Kernot later in the year. But as you all know this COVID-19 is throwing up a lot of curve balls and issues to deal with so we do not know exactly what will happen.

We will continue to monitor it all and inform you if and when it can be completed. This is very sad to have to convey this message, however we are indeed experiencing strange times, WGOC hope you can understand.

Mandy Buckley

SWGA Women’s Golf Operations Chair







 Round 2 played at Lonsdale Golf Club and we see some clear contenders now.

Lonsdale at 9am. A sensational day for golf that didn’t change during the matches, glorious sunshine and a gentle zephyr to keep the teams refreshed. After a lengthy trek to the first tee, and thanks for the attention to timing girls, all teams left on time eager to delight in the new Lonsdale layout albeit 9 holes of the redesigned facility.
Carpet-like fairways welcomed a clean stroke which saw some excellent golf over the day. The greens called for concentration and discussion by the teams, as most were seeing the course for the first time. Wonderfully manicured and sculptured they were too. I think most players were very impressed with the course presentation in such a short time. It is indeed a hive of activity in the construction zone so in no time the Lonnie members will have a course and facility to be proud of.

Thanks is always due after the women of SW visit a course as we rely heavily on some help from Womens Captain, President and their committees. Not disappointed once again as these people and ordinary club members were there assisting as directors and drivers to the tee, that was much appreciated, thank you.

As I travelled the course I witnessed some great golf, some not so great but this event created by Betty Kernot holds my interest from beginning to end such is the thrill of Scratch Foursomes Matchplay.
The nuances of the course made play a little slow, but none so slow as one particular pair – allow me to explain.

After a player which will remain nameless (KD) drove the ball into an enormous sand trap, her partner also nameless (HN) played one sensational shot flying the ball I heard, 250 metres forward! So impressed was she that she fair strode up the fairway towards her ball, and strode and strode. Now here is where caddies come in handy – if you have one.
By all means be proud of your shot, however moving on is just as important because when the nameless (HN) looked back, her buggy and clubs were waiting 250 metres back at the trap.

Now that is slow play, so please be aware to keep pace and that includes keeping your clubs with you!
So onto Friday at Barwon Valley. We begin matches at 8.30 and all matches over the day will have the services of a referee.
Womens Golf Operations wish all teams remaining a wonderful day, at the days end we will have our worthy finalists to battle it out at a neutral course to be decided asap.
Good golfing teams,
Sue H


  Three new teams joined today, having had a BYE for round one.


Round 1 played at Anglesea Golf Club – Results and Report

The day that could have but didn’t!
On a day that I wondered if we would get through – the forecast was less than encouraging – here we are relatively unscathed but a touch wind blown.
What a great group of women we have in the district, intrepid comes to mind as team by team with the clouds seemingly massing grey and menacing, marched to the tee to begin the 2020 Betty Kernot Scratch Foursomes. While a few brief showers fell on the players it wasn’t until earlier in the afternoon that the forecast storm looked like it had arrived. For the later groups, it must have been harrowing at Anglesea with their beautiful trees groaning as they were buffered by the wind.
Strangely, the groups most affected by the turn in weather decided to stay out there even longer. As the results indicate, we had two matches not content to get it over as quickly as possible – oh no, the 20th and the 21st no less were the finishing holes. Must have been great matches though. Congratulations to those pairs.
In fact congratulations to all players, this is a gruelling 5 round event which captures attention for 2 weeks prior to Pennant season.
Mac has posted the updated draw – Please make sure you have your tee times as there is a note posted explaining arrangements regarding timing. Please read carefully to allow yourself time to get to the tee.
Many thanks to the Anglesea Womens Captain, (Stokesie)  President, committees and Pro Shop for their outstanding assistance today. What a pleasure to visit your wonderful course in superb condition fitting for this event.  Lunches were well enjoyed and thanks to fore-planning by those people mentioned, the day went without a hitch.
Commiserations to  the pairs that won’t be joining us at Lonsdale on Monday, but best of luck to the pairs advancing in this competition.
Until then, when we repeat today albeit with new opponents, relax, recover and refresh.
News Flash, its going to be a good golf day I believe.
see you at Lonnie
Sue H
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Results and Round 2 Draws Here

Note for Round 2 at Lonsdale: Please be aware that there is a lengthy walk of around 10-15 minutes to the first tee so allow ample time to arrive. There will be people directing you to the tee. Penalties will apply if not ready to play when called.


Betty Kernot was born in Geelong in 1910 and died in 1984. Educated at The Hermitage she showed an early talent for golf and joined the Geelong Golf Club in 1923 at the age of 13. Betty was attracted to the increasingly competitive side of a sport still largely regarded as a pastime for women of leisure.

By her mid- twenties she was regarded as an elite competitor displaying a particularly graceful swing and great accuracy. ‘The Sun’ newspaper described her in 1937 as a ‘brilliant little machine, hitting her shots with plenty of devil, and scoring par golf.’ By 1939 her handicap was 4. Betty was small in stature and was known for her immaculate appearance. She was Victorian Champion of Champions in 1935 and 1936 and Australian Amateur Champion in 1937 and 1938 as well as Australian Ladies Foursome Champion in 1937.

Betty Kernot

Her golf career was interrupted by World War 2 but she was still playing good golf when the Australian Ladies Amateur Championships resumed in 1946 and was runner up in the Championship in 1947. She represented Victoria 11 times. Ranked number one at Royal Melbourne Golf Club and later South Western District Golf Association in pennant tournaments.

Betty won Championships at several clubs:

Geelong GC: 13 times

Royal Melbourne GC: 4 times

Barwon Heads GC: 6 times

Metropolitan GC: 6 times

Increasingly recognised for her leadership qualities Betty was a delegate to the Australian Golf Union for many years; captain and manager of several Tasman Cup teams. A committee member of Geelong GC for over 30 years, she also served as President. She was President of the SWDGA in 1962 and Patron in 1963. In 1966 she was instrumental in launching a camp for junior golfers at Anglesea GC.

The Betty Kernot Scratch Foursomes event in which you are playing was established by the SWDGA in 1966 in honour of Betty.

Thank you to Judy Laird (Anglesea) who knew Betty and for compiling this information.

Betty Kernot kicks off this Friday at Anglesea

 It’s here again for 2020,  the coveted Betty Kernot Scratch Foursomes. Still following Miss Kernot’s conditions as she set out all those years ago although there have been minor adjustments due to handicapping changes, it is still a tried and true testament that sometimes staying with good conditions is the best way to go.

This knockout matchplay pitting club pairs against other clubs is a fantastic spectacle every year, I never tire of watching the sensational play while whittling down the teams until we finish with the two worthy pairs ready to battle it out in the final on Monday March 23 at a venue to be decided.
Come on down to each round and support not only your club – wear your colours and display your allegiance – but marvel at the fabulous golf you will see from all the players vying for a chance to claim the Salver at the end of a hard fought tournament.
Along with the Women’s Golf Operations committee, my very best wishes to all those competing, it is indeed an honour to be invited  by your club to play – congratulations.
 I hope to see you there,
Sue H – Tournament Secretary 

Entry Information, teams and Draw HERE



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