G A Victorian Events Update

G A Victorian Events Update

GA announce that their events will recommence from 1 July 2020.

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Golf Australia is looking to get events underway from July, however it is with regret that the following two events have been cancelled.

1. Vic Women’s Weekend Getaway, including the Vic Women’s Country Championship to be held at Cobram Barooga Golf Club on 17-19 July

2. Vic Men’s and Women’s Sand Greens Championship to be held at Loch Sport Golf Club on 29-30 August.

Given both events had a new look for 2020 GA were keen to present them in the best possible light. It was felt that restrictions around COVID-19 would hinder the delivery of some aspects of the events which may diminish the competitor experience.

Both clubs have agreed to host the events in 2021 on the following dates:

Vic Women’s Weekend Getaway – 16-18 July 2021

Vic Men’s and Women’s Sand Green – 28-29 August 2021

Previous Information – The Victorian Women’s Par 3 Championship (now cancelled), Country Championship and Sand Greens Championship have moved from midweek scheduling to weekend scheduling for 2020 onwards.

 All events are open to any players from around Australia with a GA Handicap of 45 for women and 36 for men.

Based on research that indicates women like the fun and social aspects of the game, the events reflect these preferences, with a Stableford option, social activities, and club team and pair prizes, however, also continue to crown a State Champion.

GA is undertaking a long-term approach to enable these events to thrive well into the future. We acknowledge that these changes may not suit some of the traditional cohort who have frequented these events in the past, however we welcome and encourage all players to attend.
Q&A Here  with more information about why the changes were made.

Megan Carr,

Female Engagement Manager (Victoria)

The Vic Women’s Par 3s – 30 and 31 May Par 3s Flyer This Event has been Cancelled

The Vic Women’;s Weekend Getaway & Vic Women’s Country Championship – 17, 18 & 19 July Weekend Getaway Flyer

The Vic Men’s & Women’s Sand Green Championships – 29 & 30 August Sand Greens Flyer

 Image: From a  Sand Greens Championships




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