Autumn Newsletter from the President

Autumn Newsletter from the President 

The past few months have been very busy for all members of the SWGA Board.

Our Men and Women’s Pennant Season has now been completed and a big thank you goes to Graeme Mathers and Wendy Tottenham Golf Operations Chairs along with their committees in getting the season run successfully over so many weeks.

Congratulations to all the winning clubs in each Division. It was exciting to see Birregurra getting their first team into the finals of the Handicap Division.

I hope this may encourage other smaller clubs to participate in the future.

The Board has decided to review all formats of pennant. There will be 3 stages in this process including surveys which should ensure the best result for all concerned.

Pennant has a long history and many club members work hard to gain a spot in their clubs teams. We now need to look to the future and it is understood that some clubs have concerns with the existing format.

Our visits to member clubs over February and March gave us an insight in to the role and expectations they have of the District Board. It was clearly established open communication is vital for viability. We have since maintained this as an important goal for the coming year.

We found, in our visits, that the COVID year brought many new golfers into our District, many paying green fees and a few becoming club members. As a result the Board discussed how we can retain this interest with a draft of a District voucher system creating an initiative where golf is promoted as an accessible sport for all. We have sent the draft to all clubs for their input. So far response has been disappointing.

We were having some problems with our website early in the year but it is now running well under the expertise of Stacey Thomas. Golf Box is an important function of our website for golf events, entries, and results.

It is important as clubs head into annual meetings that we ask of any changes to Committees/Executives be communicated to Stacey at

The other exciting social media tool that is being established is Team App. This will allow any golfer or non golfer to keep updated with all the latest news, events schedules and much more. This is still in the development stage and I will communicate more about this exciting App in coming weeks.

Golf Australia have run two very successful Junior tournaments at The Sands and Curlewis Golf Clubs. Along, with the Primary Schools Golf Event at Colac, Junior golf is ticking along nicely.

Our events for coming months are focused on increased participation. The Men’s Foursomes Championship over 36 holes is being held at Lonsdale Links 25th July. Information and booking is now available via Golf Box.

The Mixed Pinehurst Foursomes has been reinvigorated and now will be called The Presidents Cup. It involves teams of 6 from any club. And I encourage small clubs to consider forming a team. This will be held at 13th Beach on Creek Course 1st August. The flyer will be on the website shortly. Great prizes to be won.

We thank both these clubs offering their courses. Assistance in helping the SWGA build these events is so important and I would like to encourage all clubs to bring these events to the notice of their members.

As I finish this newsletter we have been put into another statewide lockdown for 7 days. This not only has ramifications for all golfers but we should consider the financial impact on members and clubs

The Jean Russell Salver which was to be held Friday 28th May has been cancelled and the board has decided not to reschedule owing to so many club opens and events coming up on the calendar

Let us all hope that we can return to our sport very soon.

Take Care,

Georgie Sanders

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