The 2021 SWGA Pennant Survey Review

The 2021 pennant survey review was important for all participating clubs, large and small and the results have given the board a guide for pennant in the future.

The survey (results attached below) was conducted over a two stage process.

1.      Club Managers and/or Executives in stage one.

2.      Final stage involved 6 men and 6 women pennant players from each participating club including Pennant Captains via an online survey using Survey Monkey.

Please find attached the Survey Monkey results. Although these results do not show major changes required especially with  Men’s pennant, it does give Women’s pennant an opportunity to have some restructure.

Both men and women’s golf ops committees are working on the pennant conditions for season 2022 which will reflect the survey results. These conditions will be available to all clubs once ratified at next Septembers Board meeting.

SWGA would like to thank all those players who have participated in the survey

2021 Pennant Players Survey


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