2022 Sunday Pennant


The last round of the Sunday series was all set up for a do or die finish to a season which highlighted the advantage of playing a round on home turf.

5 of the 6 teams playing were in for a show at the commencement of the days round.

Under gloomy skies, in the pretty setting at Queens Park Golf Course, the carparks were overflowing with spectators, mainly there to watch football at the adjoining grounds but the important players, playing the important game were ready to contest their season finale.

The skies lightened and the sun shone to give Queens Park their first win of the season over Anglesea.

One of the key battlegrounds was between the Barwon Heads sitting with 4 points & Barwon Valley with 6 points.

Both teams were lingering in the distance at the 18th hole, where 4 matches were decided, the body language of players was hard to judge as they returned for lunch. The contest was squared, 1 point each, not enough for Barwon Heads to celebrate but would it get Barwon Valley over the line…

The 13th Beach and Lonsdale Links contest was a crowded affair with experienced caddies being used to support the players from both sides.

Lonsdale Links needed to win, to secure the points but were not able to over- come the solid play from 13th Beach, who finished solidly with 3 wins and a halve to have 6 contest points on the table, level with Lonsdale Links.

Congratulations to Barwon Valley who did not have the advantage of a game at home to win the flag.

The team: Capt. Brenda Van Der Heide, Melinda Almond, Leanne Jennings, Michelle Massey, Melinda Jones & Kelly Flynn.

On behalf of SWGA I would like to thank all host clubs, particularly the women’s committees for the excellent organisation and hospitality, this makes a difference for each pennant player on each pennant day.

The final hurrah for Sunday Pennant players (if you’re not from Barwon Valley, cos that wont stop till May 2023) will be the playing of the Joye Burton Salver on May 29 at Queens Park Golf Club. Entries to re- open via Golf Box Tuesday 2 May.

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