Our Clubs

Our Clubs

These are the clubs of the South Western Golf Association.  Each is different and special in their own right.  We encourage you, as members of these clubs or not, to get in touch and experience the variety of courses and the dedication of the people associated with each one.

Anglesea Golf Club

Clubhouse (03) 5263 1582

Pro Shop (03) 5263 1951



Club President Michael Grossman 52631504 0419332997 michael_grossman@bigpond.com
Club Captain Tony Speed 0411466254 captainangleseagc@outlook.com
Men’s Delegate Tony Speed 0411466254 captainangleseagc@outlook.com
Club Manager David Sanders 52631582 gm@angleseagolfclub.com.au
Women’s Delegate Sue Gell 0408364922 potters@bezzandgelly.com
Women’s President Jenny Inman 0401494915 gmiaqua@bigpond.com
Women’s Captain Sue Gell 0408364922 potters@bezzandgelly.com
Women’s Secretary Margaret Lacey 0408884337 marglacey@me.com

pic courtesy of Anglesea Golf Club

Apollo Bay Golf Club

Clubhouse (03) 5237 6474



Club President Richard Lythgo 0459599455 richardlythgo@gmail.com
Club Captain Darren Gill  0497209518 abaygolfclub@bigpond.com
Men’s Delegate Darren Gill  0497209518 abaygolfclub@bigpond.com
Club Secretary Graeme Hill 0452277108 abaygolfclub@bigpond.com
Women’s Delegate Vicki Hannah 0400432959 vrhannah@gmail.com
Women’s President Helen Stevens 0417305618 helenbert1931@gmail.com
Women’s Captain Vicki Hannah 0400432959 vrhannah@gmail.com
Women’s Secretary Cheryle Polgeest 5237 6786 0428103774 nickpolgeest@bigpond.com

pic courtesy Apollo Bay Golf Club

Bannockburn Golf Club

300 Shelford Bannockburn Road
Bannockburn, VIC 3331
Ph: (03) 5281 1377
E-mail: ban02noc@tpg.com.au

Club President Dick Van Den Bosch 0417329764 dick1952@iinet.net.au
Club Captain Max McLaren 5275 4001 0447223352 mclarenm1@bigpond.com
Men’s Delegate Rob Prince 5298 1661 princehjrw@gmail.com
Club Secretary Bert Moritz 5281 1658 0432776211 bmo14527@bigpond.net.au
Vice Captain Sue Moosbrugger 5281 1658 smoosy51@iprimus.com.au
Vice President – Men Rob Prince 5298 1661 princehjrw@gmail.com
Vice President – Woman Alison Pfarrer 0421557094 ajpfarrer@gmail.com
Women’s Delegate Sue Moosbrugger  5281 1658 smoosy51@iprimus.com.au

Barwon Heads Golf Club

P: (03) 5255 6255
F: (03) 5255 6266
E: info@barwonheads.golf


Club President Andrew de Crespigny 0408328662
Club Captain Patrick Lockie 0438983839
Men’s Delegate Patrick Lockie 0438983839
Golf Operations Manager Narelle Alford 52556255 nalford@barwonheads.golf
Manager Anthony Masters 52556255 F:5255 6266 amasters@barwonheads.golf
Women’s Captain & Delegate Louise Baylis 0429428211
Women’s President Sandi Rankin 0438347274
Women’s Secretary All correspondence to

Narelle Alford

52556255 nalford@barwonheads.golf

pic courtesy Barwon Heads Golf Club

Barwon Valley Golf Club

61 Barwon Heads Rd


Phone: 03 5243 5443

Email: manager@barwonvalleygolfclub.com.au


Club President Jan Rollinson 0409791686 janrollinson59@gmail.com
Club Captain Simon Babb 5275 3708 0418384843 simon@lifespacesgroup.com.au
Men’s Delegate Simon Babb 5275 3708 0418384843 simon@lifespacesgroup.com.au
Club Secretary Helen Mays 5243 0830 0408147890 secretary@barwonvalleygolfclub.com.au
Club Manager Steve Power 0403498110 manager@barwonvalleygolfclub.com.au
Women’s Delegate Elle Brinkworth 0498545919 womensgolf@barwonvalleygolfclub.com.au

pic courtesy BVGC

Beeac Golf Club

145 Mingawalla Rd, Beeac

Phone: Linda (03) 5234 6300

Beeac Golf Club website

Club President Janice Fisk 0409313061
Club Captain Keith Broomfield 5231 6067 keithwbroomfield@gmail.com
Men’s Delegate
Club Secretary Jenny Lang 5238 8355 0448194415 donaldlang@activ8.net.au
Women’s Delegate Linda Jaeger 5234 6388 0423841849 linrow@bigpond.com
Women’s President Janice Fisk 0409313061
Women’s Captain Linda Jaeger 5234 6388 0423841849 linrow@bigpond.com


Women’s Secretary Jane Davis 52314686 0429389457 jane.davis52@bigpond.com

Lake Beeac

Bellarine Lakes Resort Golf Club

402 Bellarine Hwy,


Ph: 5250 7887 

Email: bellarinelakes.golfclub@gmail.com

Membership is only for residents and not open to green fee players.

Club President Keith Wilson 5250 7734 keith@martindalefarm.com
Men’s Captain Ken Sandwith 52507863 sandystuff49@gmail.com
Men’s Delegate Ken Sandwith 52507863 sandystuff49@gmail.com
Club Secretary David McKeon 5250 7837 davidmakka@hotmail.com
Women’s Delegate Marg Llewellyn mvllewellyn@gmail.com
Women’s Captain Marg Llewellyn mvllewellyn@gmail.com

Birregurra Golf Club

Park Lane , Birregurra

Tel: 5236 2308



Club President Ian Henderson 52362377 0427321792 yhenders@bigpond.net.au
Club Captain Eddie Osgood  0410712822  eddie.osgood@gmail.com
Men’s Delegate Des Read 52314771 0417599216 desmond.read@bigpond.com.au
Club Secretary Jarad Kilday 0434382059 birregurragolfclub@gmail.com
Women’s Delegate Janet Gordon                             Mary-Jane Gannon 52363333 cloverleigh@birregurra.com
Women’s President Janet Gordon 0407194794  jantg@me.com
Women’s Captain Mary-Jane Gannon 52363333  0473363334 cloverleigh@birregurra.com
Women’s Secretary Mary-Jane Gannon 52363333 0473363334 cloverleigh@birregurra.com

pic courtesy of Birregurra Golf Club

Clifton Springs Golf Club
92-94 Clearwater Drive

Clifton Springs VIC 3222

Tel : (03) 5251 3391

Email: manager@cliftonspringsgolfclub.com.au


Club President Phil Smith 0413045942 president@cliftonspringsgolfclub.com.au
Club Captain

Russell Hinchliffe

0423097502 captain@cliftonspringsgolfclub.com.au
Men’s Delegate Russell Hinchliffe 0423097502 captain@cliftonspringsgolfclub.com.au
Manager Danny Zernich 0423877367 manager@cliftonspringsgolfclub.com.au
Women’s Delegate Liz Hendy 0419172486 lizian.hendy@gmail.com
Women’s President Colleen Smedley 0423985115 collsmedley@hotmail.com
Women’s Captain Liz Hendy 0419172486 lizian.hendy@gmail.com
All Information send to Admin admin@cliftonspringsgolfclub.com.au

pic courtesy of Clifton Springs Golf Club

Colac Golf Club

32 Colac-Lavers Hill Road ELLIMINYT

Phone: (03) 5231 5769
Email: info@colacgolfclub.com


Club President Murray McCoombe 0419545566 murray.mccoombe@bigpond.com
Club Captain Michael Brennan 0438979889 brenm25@hotmail.com
Men’s Delegate
Club Secretary Ben Hickey 0437315769 ben@bhbusiness.com.au
Women’s Delegate Kerrie Curtis 0407113315 kerrieandnoel@bigpond.com
Women’s President Barb Stinchcombe 0409977208 barostin2@bigpond.com
Women’s Captain

Kerrie Curtis

0407113315 kerrieandnoel@bigpond.com
Women’s Secretary

Judy Foley



pic courtesy Colac Golf Club

Curlewis Golf Club

1345 Portarlington Road

Phone (03) 5251 1111

Contact Curlewis


Club President Bernie Den Besten 0425800013 cgcincpresident@gmail.com
Club Captain Greg Bishop 0424328963 cgcinccaptain@gmail.com
Men’s Delegate Greg Bishop 0424328963 cgcinccaptain@gmail.com
Club Manager Jamie Brigden 52511111 jamie@curlewisgolf.com.au
Club Secretary Zoran Stojanovski 0419397192 cgcincsecretary@gmail.com
Women’s Delegate Jill Pring 0411238465 cgcincwomenscapt@gmail.com
Women’s President Vickie Carnie 0432108029 cgcincwomenspres@gmail.com
Women’s Captain Jill Pring 0411238465 cgcincwomenscapt@gmail.com
Women’s Secretary Rachel Kelcey 0418519324 rkelcey@hotmail.com

pic courtesy Curlewis Golf Club

East Geelong Golf Club

Ph. (03)5229 3634



Club President Mick Ryan 0401806169 mickgryan@hotmail.com
Club Captain Nic Phipps 0438566747 nicphipps@gmail.com
Men’s Delegate Nic Phipps 0438566747 nicphipps@gmail.com
Club Secretary Manager manager@eastgeelonggc.com.au
Women’s Delegate Katrina Lovelock kmaosullivan@bigpond.com
Office managed by volunteers


pic courtesy East Geelong Golf Club

Geelong Golf Club

3-43 Ballarat Road
North Geelong VIC 3215

Phone (03) 42 101010

Email: golf@geelonggolf.com.au


President TBA
Captain TBA
Men’s Delegate Paul Christie 42101010 pchristie@belgravialeisure.com.au
Secretary TBA
Manager Paul Christie 42101010 pchristie@belgravialeisure.com.au
Women’s Delegate TBA

pic courtesy Geelong Golf Club

Inverleigh Golf Club

244 Common Road, Inverleigh
Telephone:(03) 5265 1575



Club President Greg Erwin 0408651744 growinfresh@outlook.com
Club Captain Stephen Wemyss  0467566268 stephenandrobyn@bigpond.com
Men’s Delegate Justin Nicolle 0459822480 j.nicolle@hotmail.com
Club Secretary Ann Waayers 0488358008 golf3321@bigpond.com
Women’s Delegate Isobel Oliver 0439651132 isobel@englewoodpark.com.au
Women’s Captain Isobel Oliver 0439651132 isobel@englewoodpark.com.au

pic courtesy Inverleigh Golf Club

Lara Golf Club

Elcho Rd, Lara

Phone: 03 5282 2955

Email: admin@laragolfclub.com.au


Club President John Coggle 0428987078 jcoggle@bigpond.net.au
Club Captain Sue Gregory 0425793830 sgregory@ncable.net.au
Men’s Delegate TBA
Club Secretary
Women’s Delegate Sue Gregory 0425793830 sgregory@ncable.net.au
Women’s President Sue Burns 52822612 sueburns13@hotmail.com
Women’s Captain Heather Rivett 0409970341 hj.rivett@gmail.com
Women’s Secretary Gaynor Dean 0407548571 gaynordean1@gmail.com

pic courtesy geelongaustralia.com.au

Lonsdale Links Golf Club

69 Fellows Road
Point Lonsdale VIC 3225

Clubhouse: (03) 5258 1955
Pro Shop: (03) 5258 1523


Lonsdale Links Website

Club President John Christophersen 0411879998 jgchristophersen@gmail.com
Club Captain Graham Douglas 0416825399 grahamdouglas7@gmail.com
Men’s Delegate Graham Douglas 0416825399 grahamdouglas7@gmail.com
Club Manager Josh Hall 52581955 admin@lonsdalelinks.com.au
Women’s Delegate Lynne Toleman 0484648578 lynnetoleman@gmail.com
Women’s President Cheryl Holdsworth cmh1708@gmail.com
Women’s Captain Daelene Crigan 0416148861 day1035@hotmail.com
Women’s Secretary Sally Hall 0418356548 salbi4@bigpond.com

pic courtesy Lonsdale Golf Club

Lorne Country Club

Holliday Road, Lorne
Phone: 5289 1267
Email: info@lornecountryclub.com.au


Club President Clive Goldsworthy  0437910472 clive.goldsworthy@gmail.com
Club Captain

Peter Ironmonger


Men’s Delegate Peter Ironmonger 0418317525 info@ironmongers.com.au
Club Secretary info@lornecountryclub.com.au
Women’s Delegate Chris Angus 0439008167 rodney.chris.angus@gmail.com
Women’s President Caz Bartholomew 0419317011 sacaroline@bigpond.com
Women’s Captain Chris Angus 0439008167 rodney.chris.angus@gmail.com
Women’s Secretary Danielle De Bon 0414857481 danni.debon@gmail.com

pic courtesy Lorne Country Club

Ocean Grove Golf Club

9 Guthridge Street, Ocean Grove, 3226

Ph 03 5256 2795



Club President David Smith 0417031035 davidasmith219@gmail.com
Club Captain Colin Stephens 0408315565 colandkathy@hotmail.com
Men’s Delegate Colin Stephens 0408315565 colandkathy@hotmail.com
Club Secretary Andrea Joynes 0434838833 andrea.joynes@gmail.com
Women’s Delegate Marg Carroll carroll48@bigpond.com
Women’s President Leone Clay  0400042004 leoneclay33@gmail.com
Women’s Captain Marg Carroll  0400210193 carroll48@bigpond.com
Women’s Secretary

pic courtesy australiagolf.com

Portarlington Golf Club

130 Hood Road, Portarlington 3223

Clubhouse: (03) 5259 2492
Pro Shop: (03) 5259 3361



Club President John Bowman 0407835747 jwbowman@outlook.com
Club Captain Angela Royal 0403308905 angela.royal@bigpond.com
Men’s Delegate Gary Thompson 52571075  gazza.gt99@gmail.com
Business Dev Manager Mark Hayes  0404044758 markhayes@portarlingtongolf.com.au
Club Secretary Jan Cogger 52592492 0417531258 secretary@portarlingtongolf.com.au
Women’s Delegate Angela Royal 0403308905 angela.royal@bigpond.com

pic courtesy Portarlington Golf Club

Queenscliff Golf Club

Queenscliff Golf Club Inc, Swan Island

Queenscliff VIC 3225

Phone: 03 5258 1951

PRO SHOP (for all bookings) 03 5258 4344

e-mail: info@queenscliffgolfclub.com.au


Club President Tony Graham 0412502324 karyn@me.com
Club Captain Peter Kleindienst 0434405613 peter.j.kleindienst@hotmail.com
Men’s Delegate Peter Kleindienst 0434405613 peter.j.kleindienst@hotmail.com
Club Secretary Tom Buxton 0428324809 buxtonhome@bigpond.com
Women’s Delegate & Secretary Faye Neville 0457245938 neville.shaj@hotmail.com
Women’s President Suzie Alderson 0425789747 sjalderson@gmail.com
Women’s Captain Aileen Rowe 52582828


Club Manager John Fendyk 0407422155 info@queenscliffgolfclub.com.au


pic courtesy Queenscliff Golf Club

Queens Park Golf Club

150 Queens Park Road, Highton, Vic, 3216

Clubhouse: (03) 52221772

Pro shop: (03) 52213592


e-mail: secretary@queensparkgolfclub.com

Club President Wayne Colbourne 0455503558 clubpresident@queensparkgolfclub.com
Club Captain Eldon Barker 0428086245 clubcaptain@queensparkgolfclub.com
Men’s Delegate Eldon Barker 0428086245 clubcaptain@queensparkgolfclub.com
Club Secretary Alister Blair 0409188680 clubsecretary@queensparkgolfclub.com
Women’s Delegate Carole Doran 0403688115 ladycaptain@queensparkgolfclub.com
Women’s President Fiona Johnston 0400362960 ladypresident@queensparkgolfclub.com
Women’s Captain Carole Doran 0403688115 ladycaptain@queensparkgolfclub.com
Women’s Secretary Jan Golden 0428559792 ladysecretary@queensparkgolfclub.com

pic courtesy Queens Park Golf Course

St Leonards Golf Club

282–320 Ibbotson Street, St Leonards, Vic 3223

Phone 03 5257 2343

Email Address: stleonardsgolfclub@bigpond.com


Club President Jack Muscat 0419401964  muscat_jack@yahoo.com
Club Captain Mick Whiley 0421775439 whyleym@yahoo.com
Men’s Delegate
Club Secretary  Mal Carlson  0466982730 stleonardsgolf@gmail.com
Women’s Delegate Patricia Child 52571024
Women’s President
Women’s Captain Patricia Child 52571024

pic courtesy St Leonards Golf Club

The Sands Golf Club

2 Sands Boulevarde, Torquay
Clubhouse: (03) 5264 3333

Golf Bookings: (03) 5264 3307

Email: nallen@belgravialeisure.com.au


Club Secretary George Richards  0415385787 georger1946@bigpond.com
Club Captain Tom Nelson 0419517616 tom-khan@netspace.net.au
Men’s Delegate Tom Nelson 0419517616 tom-khan@netspace.net.au
Women’s Delegate Linda Turner 0421321957 turn1962@hotmail.com
Golf Operations Manager Neil Allen  0419278596 nallen@thesandstorquay.com
Women’s Captain Linda Turner

pic courtesy The Sands Torquay

13th Beach Golf Club

Barwon Heads Rd,
Barwon Heads 3227

Phone: (03) 5254 2922

Email: secretary@13thbeachgolf.com


Club President N/A
Club Captain David Peebles captain@13thbeach.com
Club Secretary Kathy Bell  0423022403 secretary@13thbeachgolf.com
Men’s Delegate
Golf Operations Manager Matt Stewart 52542922
Women’s Delegate

pic courtesy 13th Beach Golf Course

Torquay Golf Club

1 Great Ocean Road Torquay Victoria

Phone: 03 5261 1677

Email: golf_torquay@racv.com.au


Club President Greg Libbis 0418328077 gregorylibbis@gmail.com
Men’s Captain John Mulder 0419890471 john@mulder.id.au
Men’s Delegate
Golf Operations Manager Michael Clancy 52611677 0429332828 michael_clancy@racv.com.au
Women’s Delegate Mandy Buckley 0447277696 michaelmandyb@bigpond.com
Women’s President Lesley Thornton 0417538458  thorngood3@bigpond.com
Women’s Captain Mandy Buckley 0447277696 michaelmandyb@bigpond.com
Women’s Secretary Angela Worthy 0408 822 750 angeleon@bigpond.com

pic courtesy of Golf Images by Rodney Brown

Winchelsea Golf Club

Anderson St, Winchelsea VIC 3241

Club Phone Number: (03) 5267 2660



Club President Bernie Perry 0478489614 president@winchelseagolfclub.com.au
Club Captain Brent Kahle 0410641460 captain@winchelseagolfclub.com.au
Men’s Delegate Brent Kahle 0410641460 captain@winchelseagolfclub.com.au
Club Secretary Bill Spencer 0417595450 secretary@winchelseagolfclub.com.au
Women’s Delegate Elizabeth Alston 0429417287 elizabeth.alston1@bigpond.com
Women’s President Cheryl Mawson 0428872444 chezandnev@bigpond.com
Women’s Captain Robyn Vesey 0409426861 robyn.vesey1@bigpond.com
Women’s Secretary Sue Cuthbert 0429511294 cuthbertsue52@gmail.com

pic courtesy Winchelsea Golf Club