Competition Results

Competition Results

Ladies Open Stroke, Friday 16 November.

Open Champion: Vicki Carnie (Curlewis) 84 Gross


A Grade Gross: Wendy Tottenham (Curlewis) score 87 c/b

A Grade Nett:  – Pat Malloch (Curlewis)  75 Nett c/b

Wendy and Pat

B Grade Gross: Jan Hourigan (Clifton Springs) score 91

B Grade Nett: Deidre Tellefson  (Clifton Springs) 73 Nett

Jan and Deidre

C Grade Winner: Julie Howe (Beachport S.A.) 35 pts c/b

C Grade Runner Up: Helen Beales (East Geelong)  35 pts

Julie and Helen

Bellarine Silver Salver Winners:

(Clifton Springs)  93 pts

Team of Margaret Brooks – 31 pts, Deidre Tellefson – 35 pts and Nola Anderson – 27 pts

Margaret, Deidre and Nola



Ambrose, Wednesday 14 November.

60 players competed in our Open Ambrose today at Clifton Springs.  After the initial drizzle at the start of the day, the weather held off and we enjoyed a good day for golf.

The winners are as follows:

Gross Winners: with score of 74 Gross

Jan Brown, Nola Anderson (Clifton Springs), Bronwyn Gunn and Cheryle Andersen (Kilmore)

Nola, Jan, Bronwyn and Cheryle

Nett Winners: with score 75 – 14 = 61 Nett

Mendee Trevena, Diane Cox, Jan Swain and Kerry Bond (The Sands)

Mendee, Diane, Jan & Kerry

Nett Runners Up: with score 78 – 13.5 = 64.5

Kay Behan, Birgit Johns, Jan Hourigan and Gail Miller (Clifton Springs)

Kay, Birgit, Jan & Gail

NTPs: 11th & 17th – Paddy Hutchinson (Clifton Springs) 9th – Lynda Stewart (Lorne) 6th – Kerry Bond (The Sands)

Paddy, Lynda and Kerry

Played on Friday 9 November with 44 players participating in Stroke or Stableford events.
STROKE –   A Grade 

Winner Gross: Sally Schaller (Ocean Grove) 83  c/b
Winner Nett: Rita Zenk (Queens Park) 89 – 22 – 67

Sally and Rita


Winner: Jenni Miller  (Lorne)  40 pts
Runner Up: Gael Mills (Barwon Valley) 38 pts

Gael and Jenni


5th      Lyn Thompson      (Barwon Valley)
10th    Jenni Miller               (Lorne)
13th     Jenni Miller              (Lorne)

Lyn and Jenni

Results: –

Open Winner: Anne Lynch (Barwon Valley) 86

Runner up: Donna Robinson (Midlands) 90

A Grade Nett: Sue Gregory (Lara) 75 nett

Runner up: Sasha Bruerjes (Inverleigh) 77 nett

B Grade Gross: Rhonda Fatone (Inverleigh) 93 c/b

Runner up: Barb Stinchcombe (Beeac) 93

B Grade Nett: Rita Zenk (Queens Park) 72 nett

Runner up: Helen Davey 78

C Grade Gross: Yadi Cappelletti (Lara) 109

Runner up: Coby Derksen 112

C Grade Nett: Fran Stone 79

Runner up: Helen Gaylard (Inverleigh) 81

NTP’S: 2nd Y Cappelletti, 8th M Burchell, 11th J Fraser, 16th S Bruenjes

Winner of the Daph Tucker Perpetual Trophy: Rita Zenk with a nett 72

Open Championship and Winner of A Grade  – Wendy Tottenham  (6) – 83   (Curlewis) (playoff)

A Grade Handicap winner – Lynne Toleman   (11)  – 72  (Lonsdale)



B Grade Gross Winner – Kay Gardiner (19) – 93  (Colac)

B Grade Handicap Winner – Margaret Smith 100 – 23 – 77  (Apollo Bay)



C Grade Gross winner  – Pat Campigli  (32) – 105, Colac)

C Grade Handicap winner – Kaye Green 116 – 39- 77 (Colac)



Perpetual Plate Winners from Apollo Bay – Stacey Thomas, Vicki Hannah and Margaret Smith

Stacey, Vicky & Margaret

Mini Teams Winners – Lynne Toleman (Lonsdale) Sue McLean (Queens
Park) Vicki Hannah (Apollo Bay)

Lynne, Sue & Vicky

An Irish 4 Ball was held on Monday 29 October Amenities Day with 68 players in the field.
Congratulations to all winners –

Winners: 89 pts

Barb Stinchcombe (Beeac), Mel Barter (Beeac), Jan Shaw (Apollo Bay) and Chris Angus (Lorne)

Mel, Jan, Barb and Chris


Runners up: 87 pts

( East Geelong)

Nola Stacey
Judy Bennett
Terri Baensch
Leah Abbott

Nola, Judy, Terri and Leah

5th                   Sandy Tims       (Barwon Valley)
10th                 Chris Spencer   (Barwon Valley)
13th                 Chris Angus      (Lorne)

Chris, Chris and Sandy

The results of our Charity Day held today 10th October.  There was a field of 76 players, and we played an Irish 4 Ball Stableford. In windy conditions. The money raised will go to the Children’s Ward at the Geelong Hospital.  Robyn Wilkie

Winners: Jan Farnell & Rita Summers (Clifton Springs) Gayle Dadswell & Chris Hurstfield (Chalambar) 113 points.

Jan, Rita, Gayle and Chris

Runners Up: Pat Egan, Phyllis Caarels, Shirley Fifer & Anitra Franklin (Clifton Springs) 112 points.

3rd Placed: Jan Hourigan, Colleen Manson, Gail Miller & Kay Behan (Clifton Springs) 109 points.

Anitra, Shirley, Phyllis, and Pat

Jan, Colleen, Gail and Kay

NTPS: 9th – Glenys Lucas  (Clifton Springs) 11th Bev Wheeler (Lonsdale)

Straightest Drive: Di Burns (Clifton Springs) Longest Drive: Heather Perkins (Lonsdale)

Glenys and Bev

Di and Heather

Congratulations to all winners of todays Golden Putter event held at Clifton Springs.

Golden Putter Winners: Deidre Tellefson & Nola Anderson (Clifton Springs) with 42 Points


Deidre and Nola

Division 1 Winners: Colleen Smedley & Jan Hourigan (Clifton Springs) with 40 Points

Division 1 Runners Up: Fiona  Fitzpatrick & Debby O’Shannessy (East Geelong) with 39 Points

Colleen and Jan

Fiona and Debby

Division 2 Winners: Gail Miller & Birgit Johns (Clifton Springs) – 40 Points c/b

Division 2 Runners Up: Jill Tilton & Margaret Freemantle (Clifton Springs) – 40 Points c/b

Gail and Birgit

Jill and Margaret

NTPs: 6th – Pam Rogers (Clifton Springs), 9th – Colleen Smedley (Clifton Springs),  11th – Chris Angus (Lorne), 17th – Katrina Lovelock (East Geelong)

Katrina, Chris and Pam


Congratulations to all the winners from the day.


Open Champion: Fiona Watach (Queens Park) 89




A Grade Nett: Lesley Richardson (Inverleigh) 93- 14- 79 c/b
Sue McLean (Queens Park)


B Grade Gross: Debby O’Shannessy (East Geelong) 97

C Grade Gross: Birgit Johns (Clifton Spring)102












B Grade Nett: Jan Farnell (Clifton Springs) 98- 23- 75 c/b Carole Doran (Queens Park)
C Grade Nett: Lisa Maxwell (East Geelong) 112- 32- 80













Jubilee Bowl Winners: Clifton Springs Jan Farnell, Birgit Johns and Paddy Hutchinson

Jan Birgit and Paddy


Gross Best Overall: Wendy Tottenham & Vicki Carnie (Curlewis) 84 playoff.


Vicki and Wendy


Nett Best Overall: Anitra Franklin & Robyn Wilkie (Clifton Springs) 92 – 18.5 = 73.5

Robyn & Anitra

Division 1:

Gross Runners Up: Shelley Clark & Mandy Buckley (13th Beach/Torquay)  84
Nett Runners Up: Lynne Toleman & Susan Headley (Lonsdale) 90 – 13 = 77

Shelley & Mandy

Lynne & Susan

Division 2:

Gross Winners: Birgit Johns & Jan Hourigan

(Clifton Springs)  103 c/b

Gross Runners Up:

Marg DeVries & Barb Croaker

(Anglesea) 103

Birgit & Jan

Marg & Barb

Nett Winners: Chris Angus & Sue Neill

(Lorne) 118 – 39 = 79

Nett Runners Up: Marg Brooks & Pam McConachy

(Clifton Springs) 105 – 25 = 80

Chris & Sue

Pam & Margaret

NTPs: 6th Paula Cochrane (Clifton Springs)


11th Lyn Kirby (Portarlington)





Full Field Results Here

Congratulations to Bowl Winners: Commonwealth Golf Club

Judith Fitzgerald 26 points, Anita Hughes 34 points and Sarah Tokolyi 37 points. Total 97 points.

A delightful day for golf with a few threatening black clouds early on, but which thankfully disappeared.  Thirteen teams comprising 39 ladies competed ~ which Bannockburn club was very happy with, being a small voluntary club.  This is the first time Lorne had entered a team so they were naturally very excited and I’m sure will be keen to return next year to defend their win this year.

Silver Salver Winning Team:
From Lorne comprising Caz Bartholomew, Lesley Goldsworthy and Chris Angus with a  total of 100 points.

Judith Martin with Caz, Lesley and Chris

Judith Martin daughter of Noel Tanner was very pleased to present the trophy to the winning team.

Individual Event:
A Grade:  Sue Moosbrugger (Bannockburn) 35 Pts.
B Grade:  Sue Merriman (Queenscliff) 37 Pts.

Nine Holes Out:  Lesley Goldsworthy (Lorne) 19 Pts.
Nine Holes In:  Chris Angus (Lorne) 20 Pts.

N.T.Ps –  1st: Lesley Richardson (Inverleigh) 3rd:  Bec Bain ( Barwon Heads) 8th: Sascha Bruenges (Inverleigh) 15th Chris Cunningham (Portarlington)

Congratulations to the winners of the Norma Wallace Silver Salver

Anglesea team: Ros Holland, Ann Stokes, Marg DeVries and Barb Croaker

Ros, Ann, Marg and Barb

55th Norma Wallace Perpetual Salver – 20 August 2018
  D H Comb


  Gross 1/2 Comb


Anglesea Ann Stokes 17 39 98 19.5 78.5 203 163.5
Ros Holland 22
Marg DeVries 21 40 105 20.0 85.0
Barb Croaker 19
Norma Wallace Salver winners Anglesea – Best Gross Ann Stokes & Ros Holland 98
Ocean Grove Kylie Thomas 13 38 104 19.0 85.0 209 171.5
Susie Stevens 25
Sally Schaller 12 37 105 18.5 86.5
Colleen Cogger 25
Norma Wallace Salver runner up Ocean Grove
Lorne Lynda Stewart 23 57 110 28.5 81.5 237 178.5
Jane Purdie 34
Chris Angus 30 60 127 30.0 97.0
Caz Bartholomew 30
Norma Wallace Salver Best Nett Pair – Lynda Stewart & Jane Purdie 81.5 nett
Full results and photos at

Ocean Grove Golf Club held their Bowl on Monday 6 August. The course was in great condition but the gusty wind added an extra challenge.

Winners of the Bowl was the team from Clifton Springs – Margaret Brooks, Liz Hendy and Rita Summers


A Grade Winner

Sue McLean (Queens Park)

A Grade Runner up

Elaine Cass (Curlewis)


B Grade Winner

Liz Hendy (Clifton Springs)

B Grade Runner up

Christine Angus (Lorne)


NTPS – 1st Rita Zenk (Queens Park) 6th Gill Morrison (Curlewis) 13th Liz Hendy (Clifton Springs) 15th Lesley Richardson (Inverleigh)

 SWGA Mixed Pinehurst Results held at 13th Beach Golf Club on  22 July 2018 

48 Pairs – 96 Players


SWGA Mixed Pinehurst Full Results Here 


Russell Holmes & Sue Holmes (Winchelsea and Barwon Valley GC)
Score 76/9/67



Stuart McCleland & Wendy Tottenham (Curlewis GC)
 Score 74



Andrew Hood & Sophie Hood (Colac and Portarlington.GC)
 Score 82/13.5/68.5


Loren Bunting & Lorraine Wright (Barwon Heads and Curlewis GC)
Score 78


Fred Horne & Sue Horne (Clifton Springs and 13th Beach GC) 
Score 84/13.5/70.5



Steve Davies & Ann Canty (13th Beach GC )
Score 79
c/b from Rob and Shelley Clarke

NTP 3rd Women: Sue Plummer (Portarlington)       NTP 3rd Men: Steven Harvey (Geelong)

NTP 6th Women: Jenny Pearson (Portarlington)     NTP 6th Men: Loren Bunting (Barwon Heads)

NTP 12th Women: Vicki Carnie (Curlewis)                 NTP 12th Men: Aubrey Joyce (Bannockburn)

NTP 15th Women: Caroline Dickens (Queens Park) NTP 15th Men: Aubrey Joyce (Bannockburn)

Today 31 ladies from district clubs came to Beeac, inspite of plenty of rain over the weekend the course was in good condition thanks to the hard work done by the men.

A grade scratch and 2018 Open Champion Judy Scarrott of Curlewis
A grade handicap won by Georgie Sanders of Curlewis
B grade scratch won by Chris Angus of Lorne
B grade handicap won by Janice Fisk of Beeac.

Georgie and Judy

Janice and Chris

Beeac Ladies Shield won by the Beeac team of Janice Fisk, Linda Jaeger and Jenny Lang.

Jenny, Janice and Linda

NTPs 4th Glenise Stevens (Inverleigh)
5/14th Anne Davis (Winchelsea)
16th Chris Spencer (Barwon Valley)
Thanks to everyone who supported and helped on the day.

Barb Stinchcombe, Captain

Players from around the district played the course in very challenging gusty winds and were very happy to get inside to a warm welcome and hot food.

The Challenge Bowl winners were Lorne with 83 points on a count back from Clifton Springs

Team – Chris Angus 26 pts, Wendy Hutchinson 27 pts and Caroline Bartholomew 27 pts

Caroline, Chris & Wendy

Runner up team – Colleen Smedley 26 pts, Liz Hendy 28 pts and Carolyn Jinks 29 pts

Colleen, Liz and Carolyn

 Division 1 (0-24)

Winner – Lesley Richardson Inverleigh 28 pts c/b

Runner Up – Liz Hendy Clifton Springs 28 pts

Lesley Richardson

Liz Hendy


Division 2 (25-45)

Winner – Margaret Llewellyn Bellarine Lakes 34 pts

Runner Up – Runner Up Wendy Hutchinson Lorne 30 pts


NTP’s – 6th Sue Horne (Barwon Valley) 9th Ann Stokes (Anglesea) Card Draw, 11th Ann Lynch (Barwon Valley), 17th Sally Schaller (Ocean Grove)

Ann and Sue absent Sally


Practice putting ready for play!

Well the 2018 pennant season is over and as usual the Jean Russell Salver was held to celebrate all the winners. Held at Torquay on Friday 1 June it was a great success with 136 players. All seemed to enjoy the beautiful day and enjoyed the lovely lunch and great hospitality received from Torquay. The field seemed to move really well considering the large number playing and the course was presented in magnificent condition for this prestigious event. I thank all involved at Torquay; the pro shop staff for their assistance, the kitchen staff and President Sylvia Peck and the Torquay ladies who helped set up the rooms to make it look so lovely for the players as they came in for lunch. It was terrific to see all the winning pennant teams being presented with their shields, especially to see everyone wearing their club colours proudly. It is a great social occasion as well for the women in our District as many friendships are formed during the pennant season. I would like to thank all the hardworking South Western Women’s Golf Operations Committee for their help on the day and Sue McLean for uploading the day’s results so promptly on the website.

Mandy Buckley

SWGA Women’s Pennant Secretary

Congratulations to all winners on the day.

Winners of the Jean Russell Salver

Wendy Tottenham & Lynne Perree (Curlewis) Score: 75 – 5.3 = 69.7 nett

Lynne and Wendy

Division 1: 0 – 12.9 Handicap range

18 Hole Gross Winners – Mandy Buckley & Kathy Simson (Torquay) Score: 79

18 Hole Gross Runner-up – Heather Perkins & Tayna McGann (Lonsdale) Score: 80

18 Hole Nett Runner-up – Jan Coggan & Jill Barker (Portarlington) Score 82 – 11.6 = 70.4 nett


Tayna and Heather

Division 2: 13 – 45 Handicap range

18 Hole Gross Winners –                                                    18 Hole Nett Winners –

Sue McLean & Rita Zenk (Queens Park)                            Kay Behan & Jan Hourigan (Clifton Springs)

Score: 85                                                                             Score: 90 – 15 = 75 nett

Rita and Sue



Jan and Kay

18 Hole Gross Runner-up – Louise Crellin & Barbara Cook (Anglesea) Score: 93 c/b

18 Hole Nett Runner-up – Chris Rudd & Chris Barr (Torquay) Score: 94 – 16.5 = 77.5 nett



3rd Jill Barker (Portarlington), 7th Lyn Moore (13th Beach), 12th Tayna McGann (Lonsdale),

15th Lynne Perree (Curlewis), 17th Heather Perkins (Lonsdale)

Jean Russell Salver Full Results Here


Undefeated Pennant Players: Di Liley, Sally Schaller, Tayna McGann and Vicky  Hannah, absent Ange Foott.


What a great day for golf this Sunday, the Joye Burton Salver was played at Lara Golf Club. Special thanks to Lara for use of their course, thanks to Sue Gregory for getting out of bed at 6.00am to make scones and cream for everyone on arrival. The food today was a real treat much appreciated by all, thanks to everyone at Lara Golf Club for making the day successfully.

I would like to thank everyone for their participation, numbers were down this year, I spoke to everyone and all said they enjoyed the day, and that’s what important, enjoying playing golf.

Winners of the  Joye Burton Salver:

Joy Francis and Sue Plummer with  43 points from Portarlington

Joy Francis and Sue Plummer

Runners Up: Robyn Scheppers and Maria James with 42 points from Anglesea

NTP 2nd Carole Doran (Queens Park)  and NTP 16th Joy Francis (Portarlington)

Carole Doran

Joy Francis

We had Joye Burton and Marilyn Young playing Sue Hazell and Sue McLean and Joye and Marilyn won that tussle by one point!

Great day had by all.

Jay Magee

Tournament Secretary.

Dorothy Smith Veterans Day was held at Torquay Golf Course on Monday 23rd April 2018


Overall Veterans Winner: Di Wallace (Bellarine Lakes) 40 points


Di Wallace

Senior Veterans Winner: Angela Kiely (Portarlington) 35 points

Angela Kiely

Division One:  0 – 21


Heather Perkins (Lonsdale) 37 pts

Heather Perkins

3rd Place:

Lynne Downes (Torquay) 37 pts

Lynne Downes


Division Two: 22 – 45

Winner: Nola Anderson (Clifton Springs) 37 pts

Nola Anderson


Helen Powe (Portarlington) 36 pts

Helen Powe

3rd Place:

Katrina Lovelock (East Geelong) 36 pts

Katrina Lovelock

Senior Veterans:

Runner-up: Gail Richards (Torquay) 34 pts

3rd Place: Wendy Poyner  (Torquay) 33 pts

Wendy and Gail


3rd Vida Brenner (Anglesea) 12th Ann Wylie (Bellarine Lakes)

15th Sylvia Rutene (Lara) 17th Jenni Cottrill (Torquay)

Full Results: Dorothy Smith Veterans 2018 Results

Leigh Pennant Wind-Up Day – Results
Thirty-eight ladies participated in the Leigh wind-up event at Winchelsea G.C. enjoying a well-presented course on a beautiful autumn day. Players from all 6 clubs participating in Leigh pennant were present to congratulate the Portarlington team and to see them presented with the Trophy and Pennant.
Winning Division 1 was Lyn Thompson (Barwon Valley) with a Nett 75 and runner-up was Sue Moosbrugger (Bannockburn).

The Division 2 winner was Chris Callan (Portarlington) Nett 71, closely followed by the runner-up Chris Spencer (Barwon Valley). Both Division winners were presented with a Leigh Brooch.

The winner of the non-pennant players was Angela Kiely (Portarlington) with a Nett score of 76.

NTP’s were won by Sue Lamb on the 2nd and Angela Kiely on the 11th.

A big thank you to Robyn Vesey and all the fantastic ladies at Winchelsea Golf Club for their assistance in organising this event and providing a terrific lunch which was enjoyed by all. Thanks also go to Sue Hazell from SWGA for her help and support.
Lynne Toleman

18 Hole Stroke

Division 1:


Lyn Thompson

Sue Moosbrugger




Division 2:


Chris Callan

Non Pennant Players:

Winner –  Angela Kiely (Portarlington)

Nearest the Pins:

Sue Lamb

Angela Kiely

The Winners of Leigh Pennant and Cup are the team from Portarlington

Fran, Pat, Jen, Chris, Helen, Jacqui, Heather absent Judy

And finally this is Cassie Alston a gorgeous little girl had everyone cooing over her.


A drizzling start to the morning at beautiful Lorne Golf Club, brave field of 38 set off in light rain, the conditions were forever changing from misty rain, light rain and moments of sunshine and even a rainbow.

Host club provided an excellent lunch, cheese platters, mixed sandwiches and lots of cakes.

The winners of the Otway Pennant Shield are from  Lorne

Rose Wyles 31, Jenni Miller 28, Caroline Bartholomew 25 and Christine Angus 26 total 110.

The individual winner – Rosie Young Ocean Grove 31 pts on a count back.

Runner Up – Rose Wyles Lorne 31

NTP’s  Rose Wyles and Nola Anderson

Great day had by all special thank you to my helper Lynne Toleman, Mandy Buckley Pennant Secretary made the presentations to the winners.

Thank you to Lorne Golf Club for use of their course with great sea views and lunch.

Tournament Secretary

Jay Magee

Otway Pennant Shield Day – Results Here

Clifton Springs celebrate winning the 2018 Otway Pennant

Wendy, Di, Birgit, Nola, Ursula, Colleen absent Rita

Birregurra ladies hosted 60 players, representing 13 clubs from the SW, on Monday 9th April for our Annual Rose Bowl. Perfect weather on the day. many thanks to all those who supported this event.


WINNING TEAM:    Clifton Springs 110 pts

Nola Anderson 41 pts, Jan Farnell 37 pts and Sue Horne 32 pts.


Nola Anderson 41 pts


2nd/11th  Chris Spencer (Barwon Valley)

8th         Helen Mays (Barwon Valley)

6th/15th  Diane Liley  (Torquay)

2nd shot 3rd/12th  Jan Farnell (Clifton Springs)

Today, 26 March  Barwon Valley held their Challenge Bowl. Although the weather was less than perfect there was a  field of 72 players from many clubs far and near.

East Geelong (1) team won the Ladies Challenge Bowl:

Helen Beales, Debby O’Shannessy  and Pat Malloch with 96 pts.

Helen, Debby and Pat

DIVISION 1 WINNER –   Pat Malloch   (East Geelong  1)   32 pts  C/B
Runner Up –    Vicki Hannah   (Apollo Bay)   32 pts
DIVISION 2 WINNER –   Lisa Maxwell  (East Geelong 2)     39 pts
Runner up –   Pam Mc Conaghy (Clifton Springs)    36 pts   c/b
5th  Denise Kelly  (Curlewis )  10th  Glenice Hayward   (East Geelong)  13th  Debby O’Shannessy  (East Geelong)

Final playoff at 13th Beach – Winners:  Anglesea’s No 1 pair Sue Bowler and Suellen Eskrigge

For full report click here – Betty Kernot Scratch Foursomes Report

Betty Kernot results rounds 3 & 4 2018

Congratulations to all winners.

A team from Warrnambool & Curlewis came out top from an East Geelong team who were runners-up.

Action at Queenscliff Golf Club

 On Friday 2nd March   24 teams  competed in the  25th Annual Queenscliff Club Ladies Open Ambrose Competition.

The winners of the perpetual trophy, on a count back, with a nett score of 61 were the East Geelong team (Shree Geall, Lyn Thorley, Leanne McIntyre  and Dianne Helis.) The Curlewis teams 1, 2 and 3 scooped the pool for the rest of the prizes.

The verdict for the day was “great course, great golf, a great lunch and we will be back next year”.

Congratulations to he winning team from Camperdown with a score of 96 pts.

Jane Bennett, Doreen Horan and Jeanette Lambell.

Click Here for Full Results




Di Burns, Wendy McErvale, Birgit Johns and Colleen McTaggart (Clifton Springs) –  90 pts

Di, Wendy, Birgit and Colleen

Runners Up:

Sheree Geall, Lisa Maxwell, Diane Nelis and Lynette Thorley (East Geelong) – 88 pts


Sally Schaller, Kylie Thomas, Kathy Stevens and Glenys Heritage (Ocean Grove) – 88 pts


Lesley Richardson, Sascha Bruenjes, Robyn Erwin and Sue Lamb (Inverleigh) – 87 pts


Rosalyn Burton, Glenise Panozzo, Val Hedley and Carolyn Jinks (Clifton Springs) – 87 pts

5th: Countback balls :

Nola Anderson, Sally Griffin, Ursula Turner and Robyn Wilkie (Clifton Springs) – 87 pts


2nd  Jennie Boyce (Torquay)

5th  Val Hadley (Clifton Springs)

17th  Jenny McKeon (Apollo Bay)

Straightest Drive 4th Hole: Marg Storey (Queens Park)

Longest Drive 6th Hole: Janine Walsh (Lara)

Irish 4 Ball Full Field Results

Friday 9 February, Ladies Day – Results

The day started with a light drizzle but soon turned out to be perfect for all our players and visiting club members. We had a two tee start for the first time and this proved to be very successful. it was lovely to see the clubhouse full at presentations and everyone enjoying the day.

There was a playoff between Heather Perkins (Lonsdale) and Louise Watach (Queens Park) for the Open Champion. This was followed by another playoff for the B Grade Gross between Jenny Naughtin (Queens Park) and Ros Holland (Anglesea) creating an exciting interlude for the spectators.

The Silver Salver was hotly contested for with the locals coming out top with a total score of 209.

Team from Queens Park: Pam Smigowski, Sally Massey and Jane Hirst.

Open Champion: Heather Perkins (Lonsdale) with 80 off the stick.



A Grade Gross winner: Louise Watach (Queens Park) 80.

B Grade Gross winner: Ros Holland (Anglesea) 88 (play off)

C Grade Gross winner: Pat Egan(Clifton Springs) 93

A Grade Nett winner: Caroline Dickins (Queens Park) 70 nett c/b

B Grade Nett winner: Sally Massey (Queens Park) 68 nett

C Grade Nett winner: Robyn Erwin (Inverleigh) 70 nett

NTP winners: 3rd Angela Royal (Portarlington)   8th Sally Massey (Queens Park)

2nd to 17th Pam Smigowski (Queens Park)   Golden Shot: Jill Barker (Portarlington)

2017 Competition Results Here